Frequently Asked Questions

Asked Questions

  • Who can register in the School Programs?

    All elementary and high schools in Saskatchewan are eligible to register and participate in the SARCAN School or Green Team Recycling Programs.

  • What is the difference between the SARCAN School Program and the Green Teams program?

    The SARCAN School program allows you to track your beverage container recycling efforts, view the impact of those efforts, and gives you access to tips, tricks, and information about recycling.

  • The Green Team Program takes SARCAN School to the next level with guided support for setting up and maintaining a Green Team (environment club) in your school. With Green Teams, your students will get access to more advanced information that takes your environmental efforts beyond just beverage container recycling. Your team will get access to guides, environmental initiatives, and an opportunity to earn Green School certification. Green Teams is aimed at an older audience, like high schools, but is open to all!
  • How does a school register for the Programs?

    This year's program will run from [START DATE], 2021 to May 31, 2022. To register, find your school from the drop-down list, confirm details, provide contact information and agree to terms. There are now two options for registering:

  • What do participants receive when they register for the School Programs?

    Your school will receive the following items free of charge:

    • SARCAN School Participants
      • Up to three recycling bins (if requested)
      • Access to the dashboard, which includes tools & tips and a tracking system to record your containers returned and deposit earned.
    • SARCAN Green Team Participants
      • Up to three recycling bins (if requested)
      • Access to the dashboard, which has a tracking system to record your containers returned and deposit earned.
      • Guides to help you set up your Green Team, a school recycling system, conduct a waste audit, and more as the year goes on!
      • Downloadable posters to use in your school
      • Green Team Themes to give you ideas on how to make your school greener
      • Green School Certification - a set of challenges for your Green Team to complete to earn Official Green School certification
  • What is Green School Certification?

    As a Green Team, we want you to take the lead in making your school, and in turn, your community a greener and more environmentally friendly place. To help you with this, we have come up with 6 challenges that your Green Team can complete to meet that goal. If you complete all 6 challenges within the school year, you will earn official certification!

  • What do you earn with Green School Certification?

    Green Teams that complete all 6 challenges with recieve:

    • A physical Green School Certificate you can post in your school
    • A digital 'Certified Green School' badge you can share on your social media channels
    • A featured post on SARCAN Recycling's social media channels
    • A Green School bio on SARCAN Recycling's website
    • And, of course, bragging rights!
  • I've registered, now how do I enter bottle return data for my school?

    1. Click the "Login" button that can be found in the top menu and enter your username and password, which were supplied to you by email upon registering in the program.
    2. Once logged in, navigate to the "dashboard" and click the "Report Containers" button
    3. Now, enter the data from your receipts into the appropriate boxes on the reporting form.
  • How will we receive our recycling bins?

    Your recycling bins will be sent to your nearest SARCAN depot within 6-8 weeks of registering for the Program (depending on the number of orders placed).  The team at your local SARCAN depot will contact you once your bins are ready to be picked up.

  • How do I assemble the recycling bins?

    Here is a downloadable PDF that outlines how to assemble the bottoms and tops of the recycling bins. Acrobat Document: Bin_Lid_Instruction_Sheet.pdf

  • How big are the bins?

  • The bin dimensions when fully assembled are 14" x 14" x 32".
  • I have forgotten my username or password, how do I retrieve it?

    When you are at the web page that asks for your username and password (see above), click the link, "Forgot password?". A procedure will begin that will let you change your password. Simply follow the instructions provided at that time.