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How are Beverage Containers Recycled?

September 17, 2019

Your school does a great job recycling beverage containers through SARCAN but have you ever wondered what happens to your school’s beverage containers once you leave a SARCAN depot?

Once SARCAN depots fill their trailer with your beverage containers, that full trailer is sent to one of two SARCAN processing plants in either Regina or Saskatoon.

After the materials are received at the processing plant, they are processed by material type. Clear and coloured glass gets crushed in a giant glass crusher. Plastic, aluminum and paper cartons are baled into giant bales and sent down stream for further processing so they can be turned into new and useful products!

Recycled beverage containers get turned into all kinds of new products! Clear glass gets added into highway paint to create reflectivity, coloured glass gets added to fibreglass insulation, plastic bottles are turned into automotive carpeting, fleece jackets and more.

The following video shows the entire incredible journey your school’s beverage containers take in order to be transformed into new products: