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Your 2018-2019 Contest Winners!

August 23, 2019

Congratulations to Regina Huda School and the Delisle Composite Life Skills Program on winning the 2018-2019 SARCAN School Story Telling Contest! Both Schools really dedicated themselves throughout the school year to their respective recycling programs and the prizes were well deserved. Read on for more details!

Regina Huda School

The Regina Huda School Grade 5 class blew us away with the recycling system that they set up and their dedication to it. Starting off the school year with a waste audit to find out how much recycling was going into the trash at their school, they came up with a plan to change that around. They set goals for how much recycling they hoped to get and then came up with the idea of R.E.D. Bins to help them achieve those goals. R.E.D. stands for 'Recycle Every Day' and the bins that they use are small red bins in each classroom to make it stand out to everyone and to make it easier for the students to go around and collect. Changing the minds and behaviours of their fellow classmates, the program soared and they passed their initial goal within the first couple of months!! They plan on using their earnings from the containers as well as their prize money to find more environmentally focused field trips, enhance their current system, as well as develop an outdoor classroom and vegetable garden for the school. This group of dedicated earth-savers showed us what can be achieved when you work together and don't give up! Way to go, Regina Huda School Grade 5's!

Regina Huda Recycling Stats:

Total Containers Recycled: 15, 580

Total Deposits Earned: $1, 698.75

Their returns have diverted nearly 1400 pounds of material from the landfill, saved 124 lbs/sq.ft. of greenhouse gases, and saved over 28 BTU's of energy!!!

Delisle composite

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SARCAN School Launches 2019 Contest

September 26, 2018

SARCAN School, SARCAN Recycling’s new resource for recycling beverage containers at school, is launching a school contest for 2019! We want to hear your school’s story about recycling! Did your school do something exciting this year with funds raised through recycling beverage containers? Do you have a unique way of encouraging students to recycle? We want to hear about it!