SARCAN School Program Launches

October 12, 2018

SARCAN Recycling is pleased to announce its new school outreach program, SARCAN School. SARCAN School is a new resource for teachers, green teams, classrooms, school employees and more to make recycling easier than ever before. Through the new website, you can keep track of how much recycling your school brings back to SARCAN! If your school is saving up for a class trip or an event, SARCAN’s new website allows you to check and see how much recycling your school is doing.

The new website also features information about recycling as well as a form to virtually book school tours of SARCAN depots.

Schools that become SARCAN-certified will also receive new bins for recycling beverage containers such as pop cans, juice bottles and boxes, water bottles and milk cartons and jugs.

SARCAN School Launches 2019 Contest

September 26, 2018

SARCAN School, SARCAN Recycling’s new resource for recycling beverage containers at school, is launching a school contest for 2019! We want to hear your school’s story about recycling! Did your school do something exciting this year with funds raised through recycling beverage containers? Do you have a unique way of encouraging students to recycle? We want to hear about it!

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