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November Green Team Initiative:

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When you think of recycling, what comes to mind? Probably, the thing that pops in your head are just the ‘recycling’ behaviours – things like returning your drink containers to SARCAN or putting paper and cardboard in the blue bins. Maybe even taking that a step further and including plastics, metals, and other materials (if you are a super rockstar school and you have access to those types of recycling services). But, we are still just talking about the acts of collection and consolidation, not the actual process of recycling itself. Recycling, as a whole, is a bit more complex than that. It goes beyond just those acts of putting something in a bin. This month, assemble your Green Team and take a deeper dive into recycling and what it really means to ‘recycle’ something.

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Green School Certification


  • Create a garden or green space for your school.
  • Attend an environmental/​sustainability learning event (in person or online).
  • Set up a Drop & Go Group account for your school's recycling.
  • Organize an environmental event/​activity for your school.
  • Perform an act of environmental community outreach.
  • Research local environmental companies and recycling opportunities and share the information with your fellow students.