Become a Certified SARCAN School

Registration for 2022/2023 closed June 30.

Benefits of SARCAN School

  • Track Your

    Keep track of how much your school brings to SARCAN, including the amount of containers recycled and the amount of greenhouse gas emissions saved.

  • Tools &

    Registered schools have access through their dashboard to resources to help with recycling programs including information about Drop & Go fundraising.

  • Free Recycling
    Bins & Support

    Get up to three free beverage container recycling bins to help your school’s recycling program. Place them in busy areas in the school to ensure people use the bins to recycle.

  • Tour Your
    Nearest SARCAN

    We offer tours of all of our depots and our two processing plants in Regina and Saskatoon. Click here to book a tour of your nearest depot.

Introducing SARCAN Green Teams

Registration for 2022/2023 closed June 30.

Benefits of Green Teams

  • All of the same
    SARCAN school

    You get to do everything that you can do with a regular SARCAN School account like track your recycling, get free recycling bins, and check out our tools & tips to help you recycle.

  • More in depth,
    advanced information
    about environmental

    Take your Green Team to the next level with monthly information packs and themes to generate discussion and ideas for making your school the greenest it has ever been.

  • Take action and
    earn badges for

    With SARCAN School, you earn badges for your recycling efforts. Green Teams takes that even further allowing you to earn badges and achievements for all of your team's green initiatives.

  • Earn a green
    certification for
    your school

    And, on top of all of that, if you complete our Green Team Challenges aimed at making your school more eco-friendly, your school will officially earn Green School Certification.

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